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How To Customise Your Embark sofa

Choosing furniture for your home is always an investment that needs time and consideration. There is a lot to consider, in terms of styles you like sizing comfort fabrication and colour. However, we have taken the time to create this guide to make your furniture buying decisions easy.

Check out these key points to consider and keep scrolling to get more detailed advice.
  1. Decide what type of sofa, you would like
  2. Measure your space to see what size item would work for you
  3. Pick a fabric that suits your lifestyle and colour of your home
  4. Choose the finish you prefer, e.g. wood stain colour or metal


What are the different styles of sofas?


All Embark sofa styles can be made into armchairs ideal for sitting areas to go alongside a sofa or to tuck into a nook in a bedroom or study.  

A three-seater sofa is ideal for two people who want to spread out on their sofa, or for seating three people in a more formal setting. Has three seat and back cushions, or fixed cushions moulded into shape.

A corner sofa usually has two seating areas perpendicular to each other and will often come in an L-shape or symmetrical formation. They’re great for bigger families who want to save space in their living areas as they’re designed to tuck into corners.  

A two-seater sofa is the ideal size for smaller spaces like city apartments. They can also sit alongside bigger settings. It can have two seat cushions as well as two back cushions, or one long bottom cushion with two back cushions.  

A sofa for everyone. Our modular styles can be rearranged to suit your particular space and needs. A modular sofa usually seats three people or more, so is best suited for bigger spaces and larger families.

A chaise sofa can be created in any size. Made by extending one end seat longer than the others. Good for those who like to lounge and stretch out their legs.

This style is a sofa by day, bed by night. There are a few different ways a sofa bed can function – metal action and click clack are the two most common and refer to the mechanism used to change between setups. Most of our sofa styles (except for fixed seat styles) can be made into sofa beds.



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How to measure for your sofa?
To measure for your sofa, make sure to clear a space in your living room where your new sofa will be placed. Measure the width and length of the space to give you an idea of the sofa size you need. Make sure the size and shape functions within the space and it’s not too large that you cannot move around. Masking tape is always a good idea…

Make sure you measure the doors and ceilings and walkways to guarantee your sofa will fit once delivered. And don’t forget to add a little for the packaging.


If you have a small living room or space, there are a few things you can do to create the illusion of space. Try a sofa style that has a low back or raised legs, like our ------ This will allow more light to flow around it, making your living room feel more spacious.  

 What are the different sofa fabric types?
Embark have a wide range of fabric swatches at our DBN showroom, so you can match the look and feel and tones to your space before you commit to buying. There are a lot of options.

 To narrow down your choices, we’ve listed the most popular below:

A natural fibre that is breathable and soft. On the more expensive side. Cotton upholstered sofas have a comfortable and relaxed feel. We suggest opting for removable cushion covers so that you can easily clean your sofa. This fabric is prone to wrinkling, so it needs proper care to keep it looking fresh and new.

Is made up of woven fibres from a sheep’s coat. Even though wool is natural, it is often blended with synthetics. Wool can come in various colours, so it’s very adaptable. The thick pile creates a sense of cosiness while still being cool and breathable.

Is known for having a very deep pile. It is woven, from cotton or polyester. Velvet can add luxury and warmth to your space. Velvet needs a little more TLC than other fabrics to keep it in good condition.

Is a synthetic fibre, manufactured to be durable and long-lasting. This fabric is great for families with pets and is available in a wide range of colours. It makes a great base for every sofa style.


Leather sofas are the easiest to look after, as leather is durable and long-lasting. Leather’s is a natural fabric that gets better with age. Great for people with children and pets.  

Another natural fibre, more durable than cotton – great for homes with children and pets. Linen sofas can have a lived-in feel, as the fabric has natural creases that soften over time. Linen is hypoallergenic as it has a neutral pH. Linen is breathable which means you’re more likely to feel cool on hot summer days lounging on your sofa. The linen surface might ‘fuzz’ over time, however, it is resistant to fading caused by sunlight. We suggest sofas with removable cushion covers for convenient cleaning.

What are the different types of leather for sofas?
Leather is treated during the production phase for different finishes. If you’re considering purchasing a leather sofa, read Embarks guide to picking the right one to suit your needs.

Soft, with a natural feel characterised by its visible natural marks giving it a more authentic look. This type of leather is dyed but doesn’t have a top coat, making it softer and breathable. Aniline leathers do age over time, giving them a beautiful weathered look.

Dyed and a thin finishing coat is added to offer further protection, making it more durable than full aniline leather. It is soft with visible marks depending on the leather’s natural patina. Semi-aniline leathers do age over time, giving them a beautiful weathered look.

This leather is treated and buffed to get rid of any natural blemishes, and then embossed for a more uniform look and feel. This process results in a smoother finish. Because this corrected grain leather is treated it is more durable long term and is resistant to fading.  

Aman-made product: this fabric is composed of leather fibres bonded together to create a uniform texture. This is durable and fully fade resistant.